onsdag den 22. januar 2014

KxNGUYEN tees & hoodie

I have always thought about doing more with my photos than just putting them out on the world wide web...  A gallery or whatever, but I never got further than the thought. That thought is still there, but instead of doing a gallery, I have now started a collab with Son Factory, who produce prints on quality fabric. So why not do something different and produce some t-shirts with some of my photos on them?

In less than a week we designed my new logo with the help of my long time friend Thomas Blankschøn (www.blankschon.com).

Son Factory and I got to making some samples with different designs and after some blood, sweat and just a few tears we finally got to a satisfying result!

I present to you, The KxNGUYEN tees!

KxNGUYEN x Tiger Lilly 349 DDK,-


KxNGUYEN x Sof 349 DDK,-

Our future survival depends on women - treat them good.   -This quote will be on the inside of the Tiger Lilly and Sof t-shirt. 

A girl asked me after seeing the sample of this t-shirt:

"Explain to me, because I don't understand 
the quote and the photo together.
How can this be a tribute to women
when this girl is laying on the floor 
half naked by your feet"?

Why? Because of questions like this. 
A woman is beautiful with or without clothing 
standing up or laying down it really doesn't matter
it is how we choose to see them that matters. 
There is more than what meets the eye.

Respect women, treat them well and I'm sure true beauty will be shown through more, than just good looks.  

KxNGUYEN x Deer 349 DDK ,-

Don't let money change ya!
599 DDK,-

While we were at it, we thought it would be nice to give something back to society and created this hoodie titled "Don't let money change ya", inspired by the track "Deception" from the Blackalicious album entitled Nia.

All profits of the sale of these hoodies will go to a homeless shelter in Copenhagen.

Only 40 will be made.

I took this shot in front of a Starbucks in the center of busy London. I threw a few coins into his to-go cup which woke him up. He just opened his eyes, said thank you and slipped into sleep again.

The official release date is on the 1st of march and will be sold in one shop only. 
Make sure to check out www.rezetstore.dk where the KxNGUYEN tees and hoodie also will be available. 

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Vinci sagde ...

Hej Kenneth. Det ser sgu godt ud! :) vil sindssygt gerne have fingre i en hoodie og støtte det gode formål... kan man forudbestille? Eller må jeg bare slå koldt vand i blodet og vente til 1. marts? ;) Tak fordi du deler dine fantastiske billeder med os! Kh Kristina