tirsdag den 3. december 2013

Help me donate 100.000 kr(13.000 euros) to Children's cancer association!


About 200 children and young people in Denmark are diagnosed with cancer every year. New figures show that around 4 out of 5 children are cured thanks to funding, research and excellent doctors. Together let’s keep it this way and contribute with what we can, so these amazing lifesavers can keep on doing such great work.

I have been chosen among 6 other people to be a part of a new campaign for Nokia, where we can win 100.000 kr, which is around 13.000 euros. The prize will not be for us to use, but for a charity fund of our own choice.

I have chosen Children's cancer, because at a time like Christmas, it's more about just gift and fatty foods. It's about togetherness, abundance, love and family. It's about being together. Cancer can affect us all and regardless of age, cancer is a terrible disease, especially when it comes to our children. It might not be much, but it's a step forward.

In able to win, I will need your vote/like. All you have to do is go to: 

 and click on the like button underneath my picture. Everyone can vote and please vote with your heart, so if you like some of the others charities, then vote for them too or just vote twice.
This is my 1 out of 4 entrance.

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