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Just-eat.dk x Vice mag

There is nothing better than free food, so when Vice mag asked me if I wanted to do a review on Just-Eat app, I said "Hell yeah, food for free... Why the f*ck not"?

All I had to do was to order food, do a review of it and post it on Vice and on my own blog. For that I would get a gift certificat with a value of 2000 kr, thats about 400 dollars or something. A bit too much when I only had to write three reviews, so I decided that I wanted to share it with my friends and invite them to dinner!

Part 1. Sushi overload
Most of us connects Just-eat with greasy fast food, but you can actually order almost whatever you want!

So when I had to move last week, I used my "Hey guys, help me move and I give you a treat" card. The boys wanted sushi, so sushi they got! We ordered 70 pieces of sushi for the small amount of 888 kr, including delivery. The sushi was from Wabiwabi and it was great, we ordered it around 9 pm, so it was pretty late, but only after 40 minutes they knocked on my door! The boys got what they wanted and I got my shit moved!

Instagram that shit!

Part 2. Indian heaven
I really love asian food, so for my 2nd part I stayed in the same continent and ordered me some more asian food, this time some Indian.
I owed one of my DPNxCph brothers a dinner with his wife, so again thank you Just-eat for helping me return a favour:-)

We ordered some classic curry/butter dishes, three different naan bread and of course three huge Mango lassi. Again we ordered pretty late and the food came on time and smooth. I was stuffed to the max and all I could do was to unzip my pants, lean back on the couch and finish watching the really bad movie R.I.P.D!

Design furnitures and 10k dollar watch is the only way to eat takeaway with style;-) (Not really, but still a very damn cool watch)

Part 3. Nasty sunday
For most people, sundays are for chillin and illin. Hangovers, couch and movies is a big part of our sundays, so for that I wanted something greasy!

I had around 300 kr left, so I thought I'd go through the list a bit longer, before I decided what to order.

Still couldn't get enough of the asian food, so this time I ended up in Vietnam, my parents home country! I ordered spring rolls, some chicken on a stick and some duck in mushroom sauce from Ngoc Linh. The Just-eat app told me that it was gonna be delivered within 40min, but after 2 minutes I got a phone call from Just-eat phone service, telling me taht they couldn't deliver on time, because the restaurant was busy. I didn't mind at all and I was surprised with the good and fast response the restaurant had with Just-eat phone service!

Looks nasty and greasy but it tasted awesome, though the meat was a bit too tough to chew on!

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