mandag den 6. maj 2013

I'm in London

I love when people clean up their streets

I love when people aren't in a hurry

 I love yellow houses

I love being alone while on the phone

I love being loved and appreciated

I love sneakers

I love when girls mix things together

I love crossword puzzles

I love taking a break

I love when people don't give a shit

I love colors

I love when people smile back at me

I love having a best friend

I love having a overview

I love hats

I love when strangers are curious

I love being on the edge

I love having something important on my shoulders

I love humor

I love when people go all in

I love kids, photography and music

I love bulldogs

I love tiles

I love plants

I love ice cream

I love not paying for love

I love my fixie
 I love my Ipod

I love diversity

I love my trolly

I love fashion

I love straight lines

 I love Val Kilmer

I love cheap booze

I love Gunners

I love fried chicken

I love loving

4 kommentarer:

Mathias Bøgelund sagde ...

fed serie mayn! big up fra dobbelt a! btw. er du gunners fan? ; )

Line Jensen sagde ...

Mega fede billeder! they are so nice! :D


Ausa sagde ...

All that loving!

Anonym sagde ...

"Love having a best friend" : Sindsygt fedt billede!! Verdensklasse!