torsdag den 18. april 2013

A day with Henrik Lohse and my first real big editorial work for Euroman

Not that long ago, I took the train to this little town Birkerød to visit a guy by the name Henrik Lohse. Like most dudes, he likes music, soccer, big noisy cars, and he loves to have a conversations with whoever he meets on his way.
Though there is one thing, Henrik is autistic, making him un-able to socialize and live by those social rules that most of us live by. He is aware of details, of soccer results even though he doesn't actually see the games, he just like to read about them he says. He has everything written down in his notebooks and no miner details goes by his nose:-)

I had the joy of meeting this extradionary, feel-happy guy and spend a whole day with him. From he woke up, had breakfast with him, went to work with him, listen to his many stories while he got a haircut, and listen to more stories at his home and spending over 3 hours in front of a computer screen while he laughed his ass off to Youtube videos:-) It was a looooong day, but one hell of a giving day, I most say!

If you want the full story, you'll have to buy a copy of this month Euroman, which I have the honor of filling 8 pages of. Again I wanna thank Euroman for taking me in and for you followers out there, wait and see, I have more work with Euroman coming your way!

'TOTAL CONTROL, when you can't step on the lines'
 Cover photo: Bjarke Johansen

Here are some the pictures that didn't made it to the magazine:-)