torsdag den 21. juni 2012

Getting my hands dirty!

Guerrilla gardening, in Danish guerrilla gardening is a form of political gardening practiced by environmentalists. They go around the city and plant whatever they feel like, such as parsnip plants, radishes, sunflowers and etc. 

Their mission is to give the grey and urban area of the city some colors and more life...   

Which I did yesterday with my good friend Rixen... Well he did most of the gardening, I just did the shooting;-)

The Cheese guy
I call this dude the cheese guy, because when Rixen and I was at the last spot at Dronninge               Louise's Bridge aka The Hipster bridge, he was laying next to this big chunk of cheese, that looked like somebody had taken a big bite off. Let's hope it wasn't the cheese, that knocked him out on a sunny afternoon:-D


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Mikkel A sagde ...

Go'Stil'Go'STil'gO'sTiil ,.- !

Anonym sagde ...

Hej K.
Bruger du noget filter på dit kamera??
Kan du anbefale nogle?
Gode billeder, god sag.