onsdag den 18. april 2012

Chillin with Specktors

After that school stuff and work at Rezet yesterday, I was totally smashed and tired, But I love to work, so I wasn't done yet. Jon from Specktors called me and asked if I could look by their place and take some shots of them working on their new album entitled "Kadavermarch". They have been working on it the last 15 months-ish and the album is set to release end of may. I've been working with the guys almost since the beginning of their existence and they are so damn cool and sweet and not as evil as they look like. Can't wait to put their album on repeat!

These next three pics was shot with my new compact camera, Fuji X10!

2 kommentarer:

Mathias Eis Schultz sagde ...

Gode billeder, godt arbejde!


Sanne sagde ...

PÆNT. Hvor er de billeder taget?