mandag den 4. maj 2009

Gypsies 2nd album release!

As told in the blog earliere, I got the message about The Gypsies 2nd album release on Rust. I was kinda busted from the todays trip to jytland and thought to myself, I just wanna go home and jump into bed.
After sometime thinking back and forth, I realise I had not seen the guys perform in over a year or so! So I after we arrived to Copenhagen, I said goodbye to Per Vers and moved down to the closest café and had a double shot latté. Drank that and moved all my shit gear down to Rust!

And thank you very much for that! Because the concert blew my eardrums out with huge joy!
The Gypsies like always was so full of energy and passion, that I would not have forgiven myself If I didnt go!

These are some selected pictures from the concert! GO BUY THEIR NEW CD!


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